Surfer Paradise Surf Camp
Chiriqui, Republic of Panama

An area of outstanding natural beauty

Private, uncrowded, tropical, waves! No crowded lineup here.
We restrict the numbers of surfers at the camp to 25.
There are ten different breaks to choose from, so no break gets overcrowded. 
You will be served three meals per day with a variety of dishes made from fish, chicken, shrimp, tropical fruits, etc. We can accommodate vegetarian diets.
Small Island, Big Kahuna Waves
The smaller island is about a 30 minute boat ride. This is the island of the largest waves. When the waves are small everwhere else, you'll find 6-8 ft faces here on average. This is the place where you'll find the left breaks like P-Land, which is really two breaks, and Leftovers. The right break on this island is Nestles, described as the most exciting 30 seconds of your life. 

Emily's is a fun point break.
Emilys is a left point break that peels and peels forever. 
This could be your favorite wave of the whole trip.
 are heading to Sandbar in the Morning
When you hear this, you should start preparing, it'll be a morning of A frame peaks going left and right. Your arms will feel like the spaghetti you ate last night, and your jaws will hurt from smiling so much.

What Else is there?

There's also diving, snorkeling, nightly ping pong games, fishing, ocean kayaking, hiking, exploring or just relaxing in a hammock. In the evening, you can review your daily surf session on the camp TV-DVD (bring your camcorder). 
On the island, there is also a variety of wild life, including monkeys, sea turtles at times, many types of birds, parrots and even wild deer.

What do I bring?

The weather is tropical, so all you need is your trunks, warm water wax and alot of sunscreen. Reef shoes are a good idea for coral and rock breaks. If you snorkel or fish, bring your gear. (fishing is world class).


Citizens of the U.S.A. must have a valid passport. There is no visa requirement.
All persons will arrive at the airport in Panama City. We will meet you at the airport, and transport you directly to the bus station for your 5-6 hour bus trip. The bus will drop you off at a customs check point called Guabala, where our driver will meet you to transport you to the port of Yurre. Upon arrival at the port, our boat will be waiting to take you to the island which is about 5 miles offshore (unless it is after dark or the tide is too low). 
Package includes: pickup and return from Guabala, food, lodging at surf camp or Puerto Yurre, and daily boat trips for surfing, snorkling, or fishing.
The cost of entire surf package is $642 per stay. A stay starts on a Saturday airport arrival day and ends on a Saturday airport departure day. You will have 6 full surfing days. Extra days can be purchased for $107. Friday airport arrival is one extra day and Sunday airport departure is one extra day. Not included in package: Hotel Stay in Panama City, Taxi, Bus or surf lessons.